From Wikimania 2016 • Esino Lario, Italy

Tentative schedule (not necessarily updated)

Thursday morning
  • diacritics research
Thursday afternoon
Friday morning
Friday afternoon
Saturday morning
Saturday afternoon
Sunday morning


Romanian diacritics research

School of Rock(ing) EU Copyright

  • going around the table for presentations
  • identified a few issues to work on:
    • FoP in UK
    • FoP presentation in RO
    • Copyright reform in Kosovo
    • Agenda setting in Latvia
  • slides by Dimi: [TODO: link]
    • impact assessment (expunerea de motive?) is very important and you should base your arguments based on this document
    • next: present your requests and arguments at coffee and in a letter (4-8 pages) and explain why your issue is causing problems with the proposed law
    • consultation: online form; categories matter, so it is important to get organizations to support our view, in order to get good results in several categories
    • proposals to the Parliament can go either way, and you have to come up with alternative solutions and compromises; if the proposals are good, "duck and cover", otherwise attract attention on the issues
    • figure out the opinion maker on this subjects
    • don't underestimate the staff - MEPs work on many subjects, so they might not have any idea what's going on
    • for the Council you need majority in number and population
    • the country leading the Council can put things on the agenda
    • trialogue: commission, council and Parliament
  • Agenda in Brussels:
    • Copyright reform: since at least 2013, got a boost after EP election in 2014; last ETA: proposal by 2016-10-01
    • geoblocking
    • audio-visual quota
    • IPRED (Intelectual Property Rights Enforcement) - Wikimedia is conservative on this issue (aka "don't do anything")
    • Horizon 2020 framework (open access - no definition exist)
    • InfoSoc: copyright exceptions
    • E-Privacy
  • Tips&Tricks
    • don't ask for a change in view, ask them to take your concerns to their group
    • individual action is more effective than group one (20 calls vs an open letter signed by 200)
    • stats & studies
    • write the counter arguments so you can fight them better
    • pressure in Brussels and local capital
    • try to agree
  • started talking about specific cases - etherpad


Some random ideas for FoP presentation in Romania:

  • UK and Germany have some of the biggest sculpture scenes in Europe, even though they have FoP
  • Architects earnings in Europe are not correlated with FoP
  • currently the research needed to clarify rights means the SMEs cannot make money from these images, so non-commercial limitations will hurt them
  • move the focus to commercial, but educational/research purposes

Items to touch:

  • connection with the Librarians/Archives
  • find a good example of stuff that is removed by lack of FoP (such as the National Library building)
  • big pictures (blacked out pictures) and little text
  • talk about SMEs/education
  • get some business card by then, so we get some follow-up meetings

Detecting Copyright Concerns in Near Real Time

  • bot that checks recent changes; text is isolated and sent to an external service(Turn It In)
  • 10% of changes flagged, 60% correct identifications
  • false positives are affected by know mirrors, open-content websites (Unesco), citations, article splitting
  • looks specific to en.wp:
  • catches paid editing quickly

Lessons learned building machine learning models for Wikidata

  • problem: quality control in Wikidata is a problem due to increase in backlog
  • solution uses ORES
  • vandalism in Wikidata is much lower than for Wikipedia

  • Kian is a artificial neural network that harvets data from Wikipedia and adds it to Wikidata
  • uses a Wikidata-game-like interface to have its information confirmed (and train at the same time) by humans

Board discussion

Notes kept in etherpad by other people:

There were quite a few radical ideas expressed, especially by Guy. Some of them seem quite dangerous to the WMF-community relations, but chances are they will be censored before going forward. Significant was the difference in tone from Jimmy between sessions: all calm and defensive in the first one, much more aggressive and promoting change in the second. The difference was the audience (mostly WMF staff and board members in the second).

CEE Meeting

Check out the etherpad:


A roadmap for wikidata


Paws demo

  • Jupyter installation. to share code with other people: Access to API/DB etc.
  • The stretch target is to replace tolllabs in 5-10 years.
  • In a few months it will have support for all languages used in the Wikimedia environment
  • A long way from being simple.

Analyzing conflict and possible solutions around WMF software development

Finding a good balance between protecting net neutrality and bringing free knowledge to the people

Panel. Everyone has its own opinion, no conclusions.

MediaWiki foundation (MWF)

  • WMF has very few wikis, but significantly more content (up to 40% of the total).
  • not enough is done to support external users
  • MW is neglected (parts like installer, configuration etc.)
  • if nothing is done, it will become harder to get a wiki like the one on wikipedia -> users will move to closed source solutions or software fork
  • options: fork, creation of MWF, create a focused org to support external MW users (this one already exists)

In-kind Donations and Chapter's Activity

Many examples specific to Istael. Significant for others:the AdWords publicity program.

It's important to have content ready that will benefit from those donations.