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Genre Excursions
Date Saturday 25 anf Sunday 26 June 2016
Time at 9.30, at 12.15 and at 1.15 p.m.
Location Piazza Italia

30-minute guided tours to discover the little treasures of Esino.

Free guided tours in English and in Italian starting from the main Infopoint in Piazza Italia
Saturday June 25 and Sunday June 26 at 9.30, at 12.15 and at 1.15 p.m.

Group tours may be booked also on other days and at different times writing to

Choose among the following four tours:

Exploring... archive

If you have never entered an archive, here is a unique opportunity (archives are usually only accessible to a specialized audience) to learn how to read documents and papers that allow us to browse the distant past, otherwise difficult to imagine. If you think that history is "dull and dusty"... this is an opportunity to undertake a surprising hunt in search of a hidden treasure. You don't need any special equipment, if not a little patience and a lot of curiosity.

...geological ages

Whenever we take a walk in the mountains of our area we step on a rocky territory that preserves a lot of secrets from the most ancient eras when the Earth was born. If you want to find out more about the fascinating history of these mountains come to the Museum of the Grigne in Esino!

...Esino in the last century

When we arrive in a new place it is nice not only to see the most important places (those maybe pointed out by a guide, or suggested by the Internet), but also to wander quietly, letting some architectural and landscape details guide and intrigue us. Here are some stories told by Esino.

...Cookery and tapestry

During the 1800s, there were a lot of spinning mills around our lake. The majority of the women contributed to their families' economy, leaving home every morning even from far away villages like Esino to walk to the lake shores to work in the mills. This condition changed at the beginning of the 19th century, when demands and rhythms evolved after all the scientific and technological breakthroughs. But how could Esino's people adapt the old local tradition of weaving to the modernization of that period?, asked himself Don Giovanni Battista Rocca, son of silk producers from Brianza and vicar of Esino in the 1930s. So in the year 1936 Esino's Tapestry School was created. If you want to see some of those tapestry works join us on this short tour!


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