Communications Hackathon

From Wikimania 2016 • Esino Lario, Italy

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Communication meets Hackathon: Join us at the Community Village!

This is the Community Village, where we can meet, chat, write... and do things in a practical, Unconference way.

Every Wikimania has its Hackathon. Unlike with other conferences, at a "Hackathon" you will not find a conference program. You won't have prepared talks or sessions, either. Instead, you will find people "hacking", just doing things, like coding together. Very little theory, lots of practice. At the Communications Hackathon, we will have tables assigned to different themes and put hands to work on the areas that are most challenging, like writing a press release, making a good blog pitch, social media and data, creating a communications plan and other issues you need support and practice in. We can come together to discuss Wikimedia stories, develop some together, write or re-write, pitch ideas, help with translations, ...or whatever you feel like doing.

Please note that the location of the Communications Hackathon has been changed! It will now be held at the Community Village.

  • Thursday, 23rd of June
  • 10:00-18:00, open all day, join whenever you like!
  • Community Village, first floor

Find directions here.

In the Communications Hackathon we will have an un-conference model, meaning that there is no real program, people show up and offer a topic on the spot. If you're interested in telling stories, please join us! Open to all. We are calling both people with specific skills that they want to share, and people who want to practice. Sign up below in the corresponding section to let us know how you want to participate in this Hackathon.


These items and times are suggestions.

What Why
10:00 pitch ideas So that you can find others who would like to work together with you.
11:00 write/hack your thing
somewhere in between Joined Lunch! Because we need to eat. Let's go somewhere together.
14:00 the ABCD game Writing your story in 5 minutes. Join the game, ...or keep doing your thing
17:00 Wrap-up Get feedback on how the day went for you. Was it fun? Useful?

I'm interested

We'll be meeting on the first floor of the Community Village.

I'd like to share my comms skills

Please, enter what topic you would like to give support in, and sign.

I need help with certain areas

Please, enter what topic you need help with, and sign.

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