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Hi @Fuzheado: and @Mike Peel: I planned to provide an equal session based one of my proposals. Here are my notes; they might be an input for the discussion. --Sebastian Wallroth (talk) 11:35, 23 June 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

"Wikimedia Deutschland is an association to support Free Knowledge, not an association to support the Wikipedia"

("für mich ist Wikimedia Deutschland ein Verein zur Förderung Freien Wissens, nicht ein Verein zur Förderung von Wikipedia")

-- Pavel Richter, former Executive Director of Wikimedia Deutschland, now simple member of WMDE and ED of Open Knowledge Foundation (German)

If this is the idea of Wikimedia Deutschland, the Wikimedia Foundation, and the Wikimedia Movement:

Who supports Wikipedia?


Does Wikipedia need support?


If yes, what kind of support does Wikipedia need?

What Wikipedians need an association for

1. Bring current software to state of the art

  • MediaWiki is today old fashioned, misses features and innovation
  • even Wikimedia offices prefer Google Docs
  • in comparison to Flickr, Google Photos, ... - Wikimedia Commons is a file storage, not a media management portal

2. Add online collaboration and social network software features

  • real time collaboration like Etherpad
  • what's up stream like Twitter
  • discussion groups like Facebook
  • meetup organization like Meetup
  • chat like Skype

3. Provide professional continous education for Wikipedians

  • write articles about different topics
  • use more software features and tools
  • howto research sources
  • howto use licenses
  • howto collaborate online
  • photograph buildings, things
  • create maps
  • create charts
  • manage projects
  • presentation skills
  • howto teach skills, licenses, online collaboration
  • howto organize meetups
  • howto free content

4. Teach consumers howto use Wikipedia

  • who creates Wikipedia
  • howto use information from Wikipedia
  • Free licenses
  • howto support Wikipedians in correcting and extending Wikipedia

5. Teach the world the unique skills of Wikipedians (and involve Wikipedians)

  • how to use wikis
  • how to collaborate online
  • how to create free content

6. Wikipedians need a formal representation in the Wikimedia Movement

  • ("Wikipedians" might be extended to "Wikimedia projects content creators/authors")
  • ("formal" means democratic legitimated and acknowledged by the Wikimedia Movement representatives)
  • the German "Betriebsrat" might be a model
    • a "Betriebsrat" brings the skills and knowledge of the workers into the Executive level
    • a "Betriebsrat" involves workers on a legal base into topics that fundamental affect the workers interests
  • How could this model be used in the Wikimedia Movement
    • Wikipedians of a Wikipedia language version are allowed to elect a Betriebsrat
    • if another group of Wikipedians of the same language are more than x km (i.e. 100 km in West, South and Middle Europe) away from other Betriebsrat, they are allowed to create their own Betriebsrat
    • an elected Betriebsrat is the voice of it's Wikipedia for Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia Chapters, etc.
    • every Betriebsrat must be informed by the Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia Chapters, etc. about everything affecting their Wikipedia
    • every Betriebsrat must confirm bigger software changes, law suits, PR campaigns affecting their Wikipedia

7. Recognize and handle Wikipedia language versions as independent projects

  • diffent contents, target groups, cultural background, internet availability, educational level, economic level

--Sebastian Wallroth (talk) 11:35, 23 June 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]