From Wikimania 2016 • Esino Lario, Italy

Date Friday, June 24
Time 9.30–12.00
Location School, room 12 (600 m downhill to reach the gym/opening ceremony)
Contact BD2412, Nemo

The meetup "Wikiquote" aims to be an occasion for Wikiquote users to meet each other and to be available for others to meet.


  • Mostly, just introduce each other for the first time in person after 10+ years of multilingual online collaboration in Wikiquote.
  • If you don't know Wikiquote well, we'll answer any question.
  • If we feel phylosophical, we can review/discuss/write essays comparing crosswiki Wikiquote features, e.g. m:Neutral point of view on Wikiquote, m:Low-barrier Wikiquote and the devil's advocate perennial discussion on quotations copyright vs. free knowledge.
  • Time permitting, we can play the wikiquoter's best game, "attribute/fix a random quotation"! d:Q5324375#sitelinks-wikiquote as starting point. Let's flood ourselves with great thinkers' words, rather than flood each other with our own words.


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