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Date Friday 24 June 2016
Time 18:00-19:00
Location Bar restaurant Montanina
Contact DerMaxdorfer

The meetup "U21" aims to help young contributors to Wikimedia projects to get in contact...


In several Wikimedia projects, young contributors find very different situations about how their age group is seen as particular group of contributors. Only in the German and Chinese Wikipedia, they have formed projects to support each other and/or to give attention to this topic.

This meetup is meant to promote the exchange between young Wikipedians/Wikimedians on a personal level and to complement the proposed discussion "Support for young editors". It would be nice to talk with another and to listen to the experiences of other Users of the same age and with the same interest in free knowledge.


See the Etherpad

  • Situation of younger editors in the Wikimedia movement
  • Ideas to support younger editors in the Wikimedia projects
  • ...


I will attend

Interested but not sure I can attend


We had a nice meetup although only two non-German Wikipedians participated, Pratyya Ghosh from Bangladesh and Telaneo from Norway. They both told interesting things about their situation and the situation of young editors in their Wikipedia language versions, and the german attendees (Mosellaender, Didym, freddy2001, Metrophil, DasMonstaaa and DerMaxdorfer) shortly presented the “Jungwikipedianer” (“young Wikipedians”) project.

In smaller Wikipedias (e. g. and, a project like the “Jungwikipedianer” would not work well as there aren’t enough underage contributors for contests, broad discussions and so on. Anyway, it creates a better atmosphere to get in touch with Wikipedians of the same age and to get support for the typical problems of young editors. To organize that form of help in the several language versions, it would be nice to have a page on Meta on young editors where they are taken serious and can organize themselves. To build a global community of young editors would be difficult because projects like Meta aren’t known enough, especially for new editors. So, most of the work has to be done in the language versions – convincing the older Wikipedians, show the other underages what the benefits of contributing to Wikipedia are, dealing with the specific youth problems of each society and each Wikipedia. The international organizing page would only be a first step into that direction.

To be continued. --DerMaxdorfer (talk) 13:49, 21 July 2016 (UTC)[reply]

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