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The Discussion Room is a space for open and facilitated discussions at Wikimania. Participation of the audience in the session is critical, because there are no speakers, and there is no expert panel!

You can find a full overview of the discussion topics on the Discussion Room main page. Please note: there is limited seating available, and we're not saving any seats! Please be on time, but feel free to join during the midway break between two discussions.

Practical facts

What are the movement-wide opportunities for content translation across Wikipedias?
Date & Time
Saturday 14.00-14.40, 25 June 2016
Millars & Fuzheado
Primary School, room 30


The Discussion Rooms host discussions with a specific style:

  • Discussions of 40 minutes each;
  • Clearly defined topic for each discussion, related to Wikimedia;
  • Aiming to reach pre-defined goals during the discussion;
  • Discussions take place in English;
  • Discussions are moderated by a facilitator;
  • There is no audience as everybody is expected to participate in discussions, and everybody is audience;
  • Key lessons and points are documented live on etherpad, and may be processed later;
  • Each discussion will come with a single recommendation of maximum 120 characters.

Each discussion targets specifically online Wikimedia projects, it lasts 40 minutes and it starts with a short 2-3 minutes introduction.

To set the tone of our discussions, we have three rules:

  • Focus on YOU. We are interested in discussing and triggering individual action, things people can personally do and change to improve our Wikimedia projects and movement. We trust the discussion can be much more interesting if we do not focus on what others should do ("the others", Wikimedia chapters and Wikimedia Foundation).
  • Be constructive and polite. Disagreements animate discussions and they can allow us to unfold all issues related to a topic. Let's avoid personal attacks, let's consider that we have different backgrounds and let's aim at making everybody comfortable in sharing their legitimate point of view.
  • Be short and on topic. Let's create space for everyone to express his/her opinion.



This is a community-oriented discussion regarding cross-wiki content translation. There are multiple objectives. Primarily, this discussion gives editors an opportunity to share their experiences, to learn from each other, and to get feedback from experienced wiki-translators. As many languages are represented at Wikimania, the discussion presents an opportunity for many viewpoints.

This discussion will ask big questions about strategically supporting cross-wiki language translation:

  • Do editors use translation tools, and if so, which ones, and how well does that work for them?
  • Do editors keep foreign words?
  • Are they loyal to the original texts or do they adapt content to suit their community?
  • How do they handle translated content's references and/or external links?
  • Identify differences and similarities in editors' translation styles
  • Address systemic bias issues (Are there preconceived attitudes towards translating from or to certain language Wikipedias?)
Targeted Participants
  • New and experienced Wikipedia translators and editors, regardless of language or community
  • Wikimedia volunteers interested in developing translation efforts
Do you want to read up on the topic? Some suggested reading (not required to participate!)
  • Explore the questionnaire(s), slides, and translation tool on Wikipedia.

(This discussion topic is based mostly on this proposal: 'Content translation across Wikipedias')

Interested attendees

Pinging Góngora.