Critical issues presentations/Wikispecies and Wikdiata - what next?

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Submission no. 159
Title of the submission

Wikispecies and Wikdiata - what next?

Author of the submission
  • Andy Mabbett
Country of origin

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


Outreach, Policy, Projects, Research

  • taxonomy
  • species
  • biology
  • Wikispecies
  • Wikidata

One of the lesser known, but no less important, Wikimedia projects is Wikispecies, "the free species directory that anyone can edit". IN 2015, it was finally linked to Wikidata,and Andy Mabbett has been leading work to improve Wikispecies' use of templates, so that data on species (and other taxon ranks) can be imported from Wikidata items.

Once the data is in Wikidata, what will be the future for Wikispecies? Does - as some people have questioned - it even have one?

Andy will examine various scenarios for the future of Wikispecies, and argue that it has a role, albeit very different from its current model.


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