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GLAMing Madrid: involving museums with Wikimedia projects

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  • Rubén Ojeda
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This presentation is aimed to anyone, it´s not necessary a specific prior knowledge.

Between September 2015 and January 2016, Wikimedia Spain has worked at three state museums in Madrid —the Museum of Romanticism, the Museo del Traje (Costume Museum) and the National Archaeological Museum— through its first Wikipedian in Residence.

Besides promoting the Wikimedia projects in the three institutions, we carried out various activities both to the public and the staff, like training sessions or edit-a-thons, aimed to explaining the Wikimedia movement, how Wikipedia works and generate content related to museums and their collections:

National Archaeological Museum is since 1867 the major Spanish institution for the collection of historical artefacts. Its permanent collection has over 15,000 artefacts, ranging from Spanish Prehistory, Protohistory, Hispano-Roman, Greek, Egypt and the Near East, Middle Ages, and Modern Era.

Museum of Romanticism offers a number of collections divided by paintings, miniatures, furniture, decorative arts, prints, drawings and photography, offering a broad overview of the arts during the Romantic Era in Spain.

And Museo del Traje has collections devoted to fashion, costumes and etnography, and date from the Middle Ages up to clothes by Spain's contemporary fashion designers.

Another highlight was the donation of multimedia files under a free license to Wikimedia Commons. Besides images, previously protected by copyright, it was interesting the recording of concerts of classical music. The success of these recordings has encouraged us to continue to record more concerts, as part of a productive relationship with these museums.

This was the first collaboration through the Wikipedian in Residence initiative and we have learned several lessons, related to the development of the training sessions, the relationship with the participants, the diffusion of activities, recording concerts or setting priorities, that we think may be useful not only for ourselves but for the rest of the Wikimedia movement in initiating collaborations with GLAMS.


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