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User Digest Title: University education

Date: Saturday 25th June 2016

Time: 14:00

Venue:Gym Palace (map)

Presenter: Filip Maljković (dungodung)

Biography of Presenter: Filip Maljković is a Wikipedian of 11+ years, and the current president of Wikimedia Serbia, one of the oldest chapters. He has been involved with Wikimedia projects since 2005, including Wikipedia in education. Filip's work in education so far has been mostly focussed on university level students and he has been an instructor for students in many institutions, mostly in Belgrade, Serbia. Most recently, Filip has been a lecturer for the seminar of professional development for teachers in primary and secondary levels of education, where they were able to learn about Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects and how they can use them in classes. Filip is a 28 year old software developer and lives in Belgrade, Serbia.

Overview of topic: Wikipedia and education go together, and as some may say "Wikipedia belongs in education". University level students are the most obvious choice when it comes to introducing Wikipedia into class, as they have good enough skills for writing articles of good quality. There are many ways in which university students can be involved in Wikipedia — from writing and improving articles on Wikipedia to contributing to Wiktionary, Wikibooks, Wikimedia Commons etc. Of course, there are many considerations when it comes to including students in an education project — the issues of topic selection, deadlines, evaluation and grading etc. come into play early on in the development of such a project. It's important to set ground rules before students are given assignments, it helps if there are volunteer "ambassadors" around to help students with their work online, and it's definitely a plus if you have a dedicated person for education program. Finally, evaluating the project is something that can instigate further projects and ideas, both within and outside the community.