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I volunteer as one of the principal developers of Internet in a Box and have been especially involved in curations for the Medical Version.

For example, I

  • Scraped the CDC website for inclusion of the English and Spanish versions in IIAB
  • Scraped the WikEM website for IIAB
  • Incorporated the Stanford EM training videos into IIAB
  • Along with James Heilman promoted the Medical IIAB at the Geneva Health Forum
  • Along with Sam Zidovetski curated the Spanish edition of Medical IIAB
  • Maintain Medical IIAB demo site hosted by WMF
  • Create Med IIAB software images available for download from Internet Archive

I have attended two Wikimania events, but haven't had much success as an editor; my only edits were reverted.

I live in Canada and have a Ph.D. in Religious Studies focusing on Indian religion and many years ago was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Nepal. I have an MA in Asian Studies and an undergraduate degree in Math and Spanish.