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From Wikimania 2016 • Esino Lario, Italy
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Wikimedia Deutschland/WPFF Berlinale2016

Hello world,

welcome here and wherever you go. Let us create a peaceful and respectful future.



The world in the village

One of the best experiences 2016 is the trip to the Wikimania in Italy. First I did not know what to expect as it was my first Wikimania. Also I never heard anything of Ensino Lario. While driving uphill I looked at the landscape and realised the beauty and power of it. When I arrived there were very excited and helpful peaple everywhere and I was imazed about the atmosphere. Even people in the streets whom I had never seen before wanted to help me all the time.

The world is a village, the village is Wikipedia, Wikipedia is the world. There is Wikipedia only and everywhere.

The next days started to be even better as I got more and more power through the wonderful presentations and projects. Initially I only wanted to join a selection, but I ended up going from talk to event to talk and taking as much as I could get as if it would be fresh air to let in as much as possible. A side effect was that I learnt a lot about street mapping, health, open cultures, wiki loves earth in Argentina, about programing and so on. But also I learnt about life in India, in Lagos and Southafrica, about courageous people with wonderful biografies. As women we put all our ideas together and we started the page women to organise women projects. Out of this several facebook group started and we all work together since then. Incredible the concentration on knowledge and on open structures we discuss together.

The small village seemed like the whole world where we put ideas together and shared experiences. Thank Wikimania so much for this wonderful experience!