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Short description WikiArS is an initiative to involve Art and Design schools and the Wikimedia movement. This project is designed to be useful to students in their learning activities as well as providing images and content for the Wikipedia and other free culture projects.
Longer description WikiArS is an acronym for the Wikimedia movement plus Art and Design Schools. In our professional intership model students participate with the local Wikimedia affiliates, a wikimedian guides the student inside Wikimedia movement values and leads a team composed by teachers of the school and an assessor that gives the scientific scope as well as references for the illustrations. These illustrations are uploaded to Wikimedia Commons and afterwards in several articles that normally are hard to explain without any image, that's the case with extinct animals, deceased famous people with no free images or historical reconstructions.

So in one hand students can do their included intership from their studies and Wikipedia gains quality images assessed by professionals. These professionals should be experts in their area and provide the student with quality references as well as suport for the doubts from the students. The school's teachers are responsable for assisting the student with drawing technics and the wikimedian should guide the student towards the basics of Open and Free Culture, suport for all the parts participating in the work team, community feedback on where do we need more images.

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