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For information in Swedish, see Ainali.

I missed the start, don't ask me how, but when I finally became aware of Wikipedia I joined instantly, 2006/01/21 13:45:30. I really love the idea with free knowledge for everyone. I am sysop on Swedish Wikipedia.

I am also active on Wikimedia Commons as I have been interested in photography for a long time, see contributions here.

I am bureuacrat on Swedish, see contributions here.

About me

I am born in the seventies and currently live in Stockholm, Sweden. I am a member of Wikimedia Sverige (where I formerly both have served in the board and been an employee) and have a bachelors degree in Innovation and design engineering. I run a company called Open by default.


Contact me through email:


or through my talkpage at Swedish Wikipedia

I blog at and work at


All videos that I record during Wikimania are under CC BY 4.0 even if they are on other platforms (like or