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From Wikimania 2016 • Esino Lario, Italy
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Title: Wikimedia Movement Culture workshop

Author: Wikimedia Foundation Board Governance Committee

Description: as discussed by the WMF Board Governance Committee, the work of the WMF board could be improved by filling some knowledge gaps of its members by organizing dedicated trainings. One of the suggested key areas is related to the movement culture, and what better occasion than Wikimania to deliver it? After an open consultation on Meta, two main topics have been selected:

Slides of the copyright session

1. Copyright, copyleft and everything in between

This session will provide an overview of the movement's stance in the debate about intellectual property. We believe that knowledge should be freely accessible for anyone, and we try to ensure this by releasing the content of our projects under free licenses. How we got there, and why? What are the tools we use? What are the biggest challenges we face?

2. Values and community dynamics of a global movement

In our movement there are different organizational cultures, working to promote a new set of values and practices at a global level. It is important to learn how to understand, respect and enhance this double diversity. In this session we will provide some background and suggestions on how to do it.

Purpose: to give a better understanding of the Wikimedia movement values, practices and history to people who are new to our world.

Targeted participants: WMF board members, affiliates staff. (Participation is limited to 10 persons, so please apply only if motivated. If we will receive a consistent number of requests, we will consider the possibility of organizing an additional event)

Preparatory readings or materials:

Interested attendees: