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From Wikimania 2016 • Esino Lario, Italy
Listening to Community Voices
User:EGalvez (WMF)

Listening to community voices in a balanced way is key to making decisions that are collaborative and legitimate, an important value of the movement. There are many tools we use: surveys, consultations, community wish lists, mailing lists, and many others. These tools are each unique and are not just about getting input, but also are also a way to gather insights about needs, challenges, or opportunities of communities. In this session, participants will learn how different communities are applying different tools. The workshop will break up into groups where each group will discuss the following question on a list of tools chosen by participants (examples would be surveys, consultations, RfC's, interviews, and other tools). The questions each group will tackle include:

  • What is an example this tool has been used recently
  • When is this tool most useful or least useful?
  • What are the benefits, weaknesses, opportunities and risks of using this tool?
  • How do you involve communities when using a specific tool?
  • Where can you find resources for using a tool (people, pages, etc.)?
  • Participants will leave the session with an understanding of when these tools are most useful, how to apply them, and who to go to for learning more about using the tools.
Targeted participants
  • Anyone doing community organizing work, including affiliates, program leaders, developers, WikiProject organizers, etc.
Preparatory readings or materials
  • Nothing needed
Interested attendees