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From Wikimania 2016 • Esino Lario, Italy
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Title: Creative Program Design Workshop

Author: Amanda Bittaker

+ Community leader facilitators to be determined based on Wikimedia Conference pre-conference engagement

Description: Create, Connect & Collaborate In what ways might we create and improve Wikimedia outreach programs using creative problem solving techniques? In this 75 minutes workshop you will work with other program leaders to create and improve Wikimedia outreach programs using a creative problem solving process. Bring back to your community the best thinking of other program leaders for new and improved programs, as well as a process you can use to engage your community volunteers in creative program design.

Purpose: Learn, practice and bring home a creative process for program design which fosters collaboration, innovation, and consensus. -Brainstorm and develop solutions with your fellow Wikimedia program leaders in tackling real challenges with outreach programs. Bring it on: bring your top program challenge and get the best thinking of your fellow program leaders in a 2 minute solution room using “Brainwriting,” journaled brainstorming which incorporates Wiki documentation.

Targeted participants: Community leaders working to design effective outreach programs and initiatives to develop Wikimedia projects and communities.

Preparatory readings or materials: Will be updated following Wikimedia Conference sessions.

Interested attendees: