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From Wikimania 2016 • Esino Lario, Italy
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Building decentralized collaborative apps with SwellRT
Antonio Tenorio (P2Pvalue project, Universidad Complutense de Madrid) - Senrof21
Samer Hassan (P2Pvalue project, Berkman Center at Harvard University & Universidad Complutense de Madrid) - Samer.hc
SwellRT is the first free/open source framework to easily develop decentralized real-time collaborative apps in JavaScript/Java/Android. It is basically an alternative equivalent to the Google Drive Real-Time API but decentralized and open source. In this session we will overview the potential of decentralized real-time collaborative apps and how to take benefit of SwellRT technology for easily building those (as it saves developers from most of the hassle in communication, synchronization, collaboration and decentralization).

Wikis brought the technology that enabled millions of people around the world to build wonderful things as Wikipedia. However, Wiki technologies has some interesting issues that can be targeted:

  1. Wikis are not as easy to modify as for instance Google Docs or Pads, which are real-time technologies and therefore users do not have to deal explicitly with difficult merge operations.
  2. Wikis (as well as Google Docs and Pads) are centralized technologies, and therefore has multiple issues associated to having a central point of control (e.g. privacy, empowerement, appropiation of value created).

Can SwellRT and similar technologies be used to impulse new collaborative communities?

Can free culture communities, classically built around Wikis, benefit from real-time collaboration applications?

Come to discover SwellRT and learn how to build decentralized collaborative web applications using SwellRT javascript API

The participants will obtain an overview of the potential of decentralized real-time collaborative apps and of SwellRT technology, including context, motivations, practical uses and technological concepts. Furthermore, participants with programming skills will learn how to develop a simple real-time web application using SwellRT.
Targeted participants
Participants interested in free and decentralized technologies for collaboration and developers who are interested in learning how to build a collaborative app with SwellRT.
Preparatory readings or materials
Overview presentation
Interested attendees