Training sessions/Crafting awesome central notice banners

From Wikimania 2016 • Esino Lario, Italy

Title: Crafting awesome central notice banners

Author: Zachary McCune

Description: Do you want to make awesome central notice banners? Of course you do, and we want to help!

In this session, we'll discuss systematic approaches to designing and optimizing central notice banners that drive results- whether you want to raise awareness or drive users to take a specific action. We'll also define strategies for deploying and concluding banner campaigns and explain terms such as impressions and click through rates. Finally, we'll explain when banners are not the best approach to solving community message challenges, and what alternatives you should consider.

We'll use our Wikipedia 15 experiences as a case study. During that time, the Communications team at the Wikimedia Foundation ran banners that were translated to over 143 languages and earned nearly 2 billion impressions in just 6 days. These banners also delivered results, with a click through rate of over 1.4%.

Confused? Don't worry, we'll explain all about the art and science of banners during this session.

Purpose: Educate Wikimedians to make and measure effective central notice banners.

Targeted participants: Anyone who wants to (better) use central notice banners

Preparatory readings or materials: TBD

Interested attendees: