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  • Backlog clearance of Phabricator tickets
  • Update Tessaract package on Tools Labs regularly

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   Several element concerns directly Wikisource on 2015 Community Wishlist Survey/Results  -- User:Astinson (WMF) will be
   Wikimania 2016 hackathon notes:

23.06.2016 (Museum)

Google OCR Bodhisattwa: told about the short history of OCR problem in Indic laguages and development of OCR4wikisource tool ( Andrea showed the recent stat of Bengali Wikisource.

Alex : Community tech team is there

Niharika: We need to prioritize Wikisource in community wishlist

Andreas Follow Wikisource mailing list if you donot use Phabricator

Tpt is showing VE in NS:Page ( Please test and get it back to Tpt

Bug files ( , FIle bugs in Ideas for Community Tech backlog:

   * Let users review pages of a book without having to load the VE interface for every single page (contact Tpt for more info)
   * Help with code review & deployment of the extension for handling different characters in Chinese wikisource
   *RTL and vertical script integration ( )

Stories of outreach

  • RTL issues: Tpt fixed all that was reported, please report more. Also need vertical text support ( ), but for what exactly? The feature request would benefit from a list of use cases whjich would have an active community behind them.
  • Know what the users do with Wikisource:
    • Site views tool: (the most viewed book, the most required authors...)
    • potentially useful for new users to browse stuff?
    • Every library user is looking for works by copyright status! Or maybe by awards won and stuff. Next step: fetching statements from WIkidata and browse Wikisource books by that (e.g. information on authors, which are usually linked to Wikidata). The header templates might use such data to categorise, as well, but nobody bothered so far.
  • As for digitali library alliances, it would be nice to improve the format support on and make DSpace join
  • Asaf gives Wikidata training at the collaboration space next to the town hall
  • On the German Wikisource, before adding a book you apparently need to "promise" that you will proofread it within a month.
  • How to involve unregistered users who just stumble upon a text? We should do more of that (ovation)!!
    • Voting system for proofreading valutation, caused a very lively discussion on Wikisource-l
    • Asaf set up some simple JavaScripts for visitors to report corrections to an email address (he will translate it in English, Andrea will try to use it on Wikisource)
  • LA2 shows usage of parallel text corpora (Anna Karenina) to learn languages on Wiktionary, by adding quotations in source and target language (Russian original, PD translation to Swedish; a Swedish learner of Russian can learn Russian better and improve entries) ,

Wikidata graph builder :

   - citation network for Zika research papers:
   - SCOTUS decision on english Wikisource (still need data to be added in ikid):