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From Wikimania 2016 • Esino Lario, Italy
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The Wikipedians in Residence Meetup at Wikimania 2016 meetup started on Saturday, 25 June 2016, shortly after 10:00 in room 50 at the Esino Lario school. About 14 people appeared, most of them current Wikipedians in Residence (WiRs), some of them former WiRs, some of them people managing a WiR.





  • = Liam Wyatt/
  • the first ever WiR in 2010, at British Museum
  • groups were first afraid of each other, but now they become natural partners and being paid is being considered more normal
  • variety of institutions is growing, institutions are coming to us
  • he got refused by Australian institutions, but was welcome by BM to fly to London and work for them


  • = Sandra Fauconnier
  • WiR in 2014 at 10 university heritage collections in the Netherlands. Thematic, about expeditions.
  • – web app to showcase the results of Wikipedia project, requested by them
  • best result of her residency was ending up teaching two courses at the university which involved Wikipedia work
  • a few years after, only one university, the University of Amsterdam, is still involved in Wikimedia

Alex Stinson



  • = Ewan McAndrew
  • University of Edinburough
  • January 2016-January 2017
  • idea came from the former WiR at Oxford --
  • more "Ambassadors" to spread capacity


  • = Jason Evans
  • National Library of Wales
  • started with sharing images and editathons
  • tried to develop policies for freeing images etc.

Daria Cibulska

  • Wikimedia UK - looks over Wikipedian in Residence program in UK
  • concentrate on longer, more in-depth residencies with focus at sustainability


  • = Lane Rasberry
  • Wikipedian at Consumer Reports (non-profit magazine) in New York since 2012
  • edits medical content
  • Look at the New York or Medical Chapter to see what is happening
  • equivalent and partner organizations in other countries:
    • UK - Which?
    • Australia - Choice
    • Germany Stiftung - Warentest
    • Netherlands - Consumentenbond

Vukasin Zivkovic

  • From Wikimedia Serbia, not a WiR — but cooperating with Joanna Milosovic (WiR)
  • Works at Belgrad University Library 2014 Nov-Dec
  • Workshops, digitalizing books, writing articles?, still part-time work and training librariarns
  • She helps Vukasin who is […]

Carl Fredrik Sjöland

  • Wikipedian at SBU — Swedish Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Assessment of Social Services
  • Starting summer 2016, looking to expand into other government agencies during 2017

John Cummings

this presentation could only be made after we moved to another room and most people had left:

  • WiR at UNESCO in Paris
  • Focusing not on teaching people how to edit
  • 2 reasons:
    1. People are super-busy
    2. I really try to find out how good editor-retention is on trainings
      • WMF research says that highly-trained trainers — 2%
      • If you run follow-up workshops it rises to ~5%
  • Focusing on helping set up an image library using open source software
  • Eprint — library software — works as a central repository for all of UNESCOs content from the last 70 years
  • Trying to integrate sharing and contributing into their everyday work-flow
  • There is no guidance for using open-license text in/outside Wikipedia => Blahma: see the emerging wikimania2016:Critical issues presentations/Circular Content Open Content Manual & Tool
  • Working with Andy Mabett
  • 150 new articles, 15 minutes on each
  • Trying to influence other UN agencies to make stuff under a CC-licence
  • UNESCO as a model — other agencies have approached, but rather one thing good than 5 things bad
  • They're used to flickr/youtube where you press one button and you're done


(arrived later, but moved here to keep all presentations in the same place)

  • = Richard
  • WiR for 9 months at the Gugenheim Museum in New York
  • editathons
  • teaching student interns at the museum to write articles

Picture taking

  • we took a group picture at 10:30 before most people had to leave
  • Darya has the picture in her camera and will make sure to have it published on Commons
  • next effort then will be to identify all the WiRs in the picture and use it to illustrate the WiR article on Wikipedia

Discussion notes

  • Things need to look professional, we need to connect WiRs with the technical people.
  • You need to be professional, because they are used to working with such people – also react fast, talk to them etc. – and Wikimedia is sometimes not much like that.
  • Documentation of WiR activities is important:
    • There is no platform
    • Commenting
    • IRC? We are 70-100 people
    • Mailing list for WiR? — Often there is no message for weeks
    • Using Facebook instead? Wikimedians in Residence
    • Start page onwiki:
    • Historical resistance to having this on meta?
    • Outreachwiki? From the crowd: Don't Don't
    • We have issues that can't instantly be made public
    • If we're on Facebook — they have commerical rights to our comments (and documents we share with each other), but does it matter?
    • Should we have regular meetups?
    • Book a skype call in the next couple of weeks


(see the Etherpad linked in the first edit to this page for e-mail addresses)


  • CFCF and Blahma will take care of the wrap up
  • Future ideas:
    1. Define the WiR role? Alex Stinson had some ideas? Blahma: We should distinguish simple paid writing from long-term deep partnerships (more organizational work)
    2. Some discussion board — regular meetings?