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From Wikimania 2016 • Esino Lario, Italy
Reading experience
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The meetup "Reading experience" aims to connect people who care about the reading experience on Wiki projects and who want to talk through ways that we can make it easier for readers to access and digest information on the various projects. In addition to gathering ideas and hanging out, the WMF reading team is interested in identifying volunteers who we can reach out to for feedback and ideas on an ongoing basis.


If you have ideas for how we could make things better for readers, please come hangout! This is just an opportunity to talk about how the information we create is consumed. If you can't make it, the WMF reading team still wants to hear from you. You can always email us at or reach out to to arrange a different time to talk during the conference.


We would like to just hangout and talk about how to make the projects better for the hundreds of millions of people who access them every month. Topics include search, browsing, in-article format, reading tools and content.

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