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From Wikimania 2016 • Esino Lario, Italy
GS Coalition
Date Saturday 25 June 2016
Location School- room 20
Time 17.30-18.00
Contacts User:Flixtey

The "GS Coalition" meetup aims to address the specific issues in the Global South. It is an opportunity to discuss the issues that pertain to us only, forge partnerships and collaborations to surge the way forward for the Global South and improve participation from our parts of the world.


  • Day: Saturday 25 June 2016
  • Time: 17.30-18.00
  • Venue: School- room 20


See the Etherpad You may add your thoughts of possible topics of discussion here.

  • Lack of participation from the global south.
  • How about emerging community instead of global south coalition?
  • ....


I will attend


Interested but not sure I can attend

  • ...


To be filled in after the meeting.

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