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Date Friday 24 June 2016
Time 19:00-20:00 (see talk page)
Location Bar restaurant 58
Contact KuboF
mailinglist eliso

As an international group of Esperanto speaking Wikimedians is attending Wikimania again, we can use this opportunity to gather to know each other better, to discuss the present state of the Wikimedia User Group Esperanto and Free Knowledge, to plan future activities and to (essential!) take a group photo.


The meetup language will be Esperanto.

If you want to sneak in to hear how it sounds and see how much of it you would understand, you are welcome, but please understand that this is a work meeting and we might not have the time to explain what Esperanto is, what a particular words means etc. You might get a crash course of Esperanto at lernu! or Duolingo.


See the Etherpad (in Esperanto)

  • getting to know each other
  • strengths and weaknesses of the Esperanto Wikimedia movement
  • supporting activities of other groups
  • our own activities
  • ... (add your proposals)


I will attend

Interested but not sure I can attend


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