Meetups/Commons categorizer meetup

From Wikimania 2016 • Esino Lario, Italy

Commons categorizer meetup should be a forum for people who are involved or interested in the categorization of media files. Here we can discuss pressing and ongoing issues.



Unlike most other wikis, media files in commons have very few options to connect media files with each other and add structured data. Because categories are used for this purpose here, they have much more importance on commons than in most other wikis. Surprisingly, so far there are very little rules and regulations about categorizing on commons, while most discussions and edit wars are centred around this issue.


The meetup is open to anyone

  • Introductory presentation
  • selection of discussion topics
  • discussion
  • conclusion / possible resolutions
  • documentation

possible discussion topics

  • overcategorization
  • undercategorization
  • creation of new categories
  • non-english category names
  • [enter your topic here]
  • ...


I will attend

Interested but not sure I can attend


  1. pedro manuel famosinho