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Meetups/Cities and regional wiki-groups meetup

From Wikimania 2016 • Esino Lario, Italy

You live in a city or area where there is an active group of wikimedians who meet on a regular basis and (try to) host workshops, work with local partners (GLAMs or universities for example)? You want to share your experience, your difficulties and discover what happens in other countries?

The local groups meetup is for you!


  • Day: Saturday 25 June 2016
  • Time: 09.00-10.00
  • Venue: School- room 12
  • Projector: yes

notes on the etherpad


The meetup is open to anyone involved in an active wikigroup in a city. You don't have that kind of meetings in your city or area? You are welcome too! :)

  • Introduction, presentation of the participants
  • Quick presentation of what you do in your city/area (5 minutes maximum!)
  • discussions (proposals)
    • actions for general audience: what works in your city and why
    • if there is a university in your city, have you tried cooperating with it (apart from student Wikipedia assignments)? what was the result?
    • [add your discussion proposal]
  • conclusion / possible resolutions



What we did ?


I will attend (please add your local group name)...

Interested but not sure I can attend (please add your local group name)


To be filled in after the meeting.