Evening programme/I bagni di Gong

From Wikimania 2016 • Esino Lario, Italy
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Title I bagni di Gong
Genre Evening programme
Date Sunday 26 June 2016
Time 18.30
Location Multimedia room of the museum
Contact Roberta Bottari, Fausto Radaelli, Gong Masters
Chairs no
Projector no
Other Mattresses. it takes 2 hours to install and 1 hour to dismount the instruments.

Il bagno di Gong (gong bath) is a sound experience, of total immersion in the harmonic vibrations of the gong, an ancestral instrument and sound. It is a sound massage and a gentle trip into the unconscious.

The gong is an ocean of sounds: it produces vibrations and sounds that combine together to create a total, all-eveloping sound, a “spiral of sounds”. Sounds, tones and vibrations that can be compared to the Pythagorean Music of the Spheres, the beautiful harmony shaping the unifying principle of reality that influences the quality of life on earth.

A concert of sounds and vibrations that can be listened to, watched and felt with all levels of our being, an inner journey to the centre of the sound.

To rebalance and tune ourselves in the harmony of the spheres and in the ocean of sounds that is inside and outside us.


  • Short presentation and description
  • Sound experience on mattresses
  • A short moment of discussion and exchange to share the experience.


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