Critical issues presentations/wikisource for visually impaired

From Wikimania 2016 • Esino Lario, Italy
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Submission no. 12
Title of the submission

wikisource for visually impaired

Author of the submission
  • Gianfrancesco Esposito
  • Riccardo Esposito
Country of origin

Italy; Italy



  • visually impaired
  • wikisource
  • epub
  • ebook

Wikisource for visually impaired

This presentation that I’m proposing is about the possibility of usage of wikisource’s textes from visually impaired.

Wikisource allows the automatical creation of ebook form the format .pdf. At the same time epub3 files can be easily read from visually impaired through speech synthesis. But these ebook must be checked by visually impaired. As a theory, the format change is very easy, but it’s not so easy as appears.

From now to July 2015, tests on this issue will be done from “associazione italiana non vedenti”, thaht in a public libraty of milan, has a lot of testers of viewers. “Progetto Tommaso”

A well developed experiment on wikisource colud be a test in order to give a better access to wikipedia’s contents from visually impaired.

In the question time or discussion can be suggested from listeners other solutions on the same problem.


Not accepted