Critical issues presentations/Wikipedian in residence, issues

From Wikimania 2016 • Esino Lario, Italy
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Submission no. 56
Title of the submission

Wikipedian in residence, issues

Author of the submission
  • Zana Shtrkovska
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Outreach, Projects

  • Wikipedian in Residence
  • GLAM
  • collaboration with GLAM institutions

1. target - For everyone: Speaking about Wikipedian in residence do not require any background knowledge. Introduce will cover this knowledge, so people will understand the topic.

2. topic - Wikipedian in residence issues, i.e. the issues WiR has as a liaison between Wikipedia and the GLAM institution. How to organize successful edit-a-thon, how to work with staff for various projects.

3. purpose – The result will be more productive WiR in the future, between the existing ones and the WiR- to be.

4. approach - As Wikipedia stands for all Wikimedia projects, the uploaded files, photos and materials have to be used in the articles or have to serve as starting point to create a new one.


Not accepted