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Wikipedia School of Athens - case study

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  • Manos Kefalas
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Governance, other, Outreach, Projects, Research, Technical

  • education
  • motivation
  • value
  • retention
  • gender
  • health
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  • biting
  • harrassment
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In Athens, capital of Greece, there is a Wikipedia School running since May 2014. It is called a school because a) its lessons are systematic: courses run more than two times per week (usually 3) throughout the whole year, and b) we are following the 4 pillars of UNESCO taxonomy for education in twenty-first century. These unique factors gave the opportunity to study teaching of Wikipedia extensively, to adapt and advance teaching method rapidly and develop strategies and tools that have proven to work well in:

Making editors out of more than computer well literated people

Raising newcomers with safety : we have zero biting from old editors during their first steps

Promoting community health : ethics and skills cultivated reflect in proper internet behavior, positiveness, resisting harrassment, rethinking and readjusting attitude / socializing in school member gotherings is populated times more than of old active community members

Narrowing gender gap : there is almost no gender gap in school participants and editors remaining active - women who express their will to participate in Wikipedia editing courses are 3 to 5 times more than men

Retaining editors : 10% remained active after a year and at least 5 months from the end of trainees' courses

Motivating meta-activity : after Wikipedia School grant & operation → local WM user group started up after years of inactivity - a community member applied for and was approved IEG - three Wikipedia training programs popped up in the last few months in Athens from a company related to open source using the catchy title "Wikipedia Schools"

Penetrating education : Ministry of Education has provided its aegis for Wikipedia School we run for educators in Penteli area of Athens - Wikipedia education material produced is being used inside schools that run Wikipedia program - university education seminars for teaching both adults and school students brought us in touch with significant persons in education who have evaluated our work

Connecting to society : producing value to trainees (following UNESCO pillars for education) is equally balanced to promoting Wikipedia contributing and this is credited - NGOs are willing to collaborate with Wikipedia School after common seminars we had on voluntarism

Starting and sustaining operation : building relationships with our hosts

Preparing success in new projects : paving the way

Achievements of the project are the outcome of simple rules in our mind and heart. Every topic has a specific proved solution according to our approach. Simple is not easy but we are here to share.


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