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Wikipedia Health Translations - beyond Ebola

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  • Carl Fredrik Sjöland
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The Translation Task Force is a project run by WikiProject Med Foundation aimed at translating some of the most important health content into as many languages as possible. Since the start in 2011 we've grown every year and 2015 was one of our best years.

I spoke last year in Mexico about our Ebola translations and how we as a grass-roots phenomena outdid both the World Health Organization and the US Centers for Disease Control – reaching over 50 languages. This year we've returned our focus to preventable disease, essential medications; but also expanded to sanitation, Women's Health and other essential topics such as basic anatomy. In 2015 we managed to deploy over 700 translations on these important topics and work is only just beginning.

It's important that what we translate is both correct and of high quality, with effort involved in all steps of the process: from improving the English articles to ensuring translation of of a high standard. We want to engage more Wikimedians in helping out with the writing, maintaining and integrating our articles.

Providing proper access to health information is one of the most important things we at Wikipedia and Wikimedia can do.


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