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Submission no. 14
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Wikifab, the open source hardware documentation platform

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  • Clément Flipo
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Outreach, Projects, Technical

  • Open source hardware
  • Documentation
  • Platform


I am Clément Flipo, co-founder of Wikifab, a wiki for sharing and collaborating on open hardware projects (OSHW).

Based on Mediawiki, Engineers and Makers use Wikifab to easily create step-by-step tutorials.

Following the open source principles, all the tutorials can be improved by anyone, at any time, and we are currently working on a functionality to "fork" a project (even though it's a physical good).

We want to create the platform for OSHW projects that is versatile for both : simple low-tech projects and complex engineering projects.

Using Semantic Forms and Bootstrap (a modern user interface framework), we spent lots of time to develop great and intuitive user interfaces.

Here is a link to discover Wikifab beta in exclusivity : It's currently being tested by few engineers.

We have decided to launch it in French only (for now) for those reasons : But it will be soon released in English.

In the meantime, we are working on another project for 2016 that can be described as : to go meet 10 OSHW projects with great potential but who lack in their documentation process. Spend 1 week with each project's owners to re-build their prototype from scratch during the week, in order to create a complete and professional documentation.

We believe that documentation is the key for OSHW projects to scale !

We would love to take the opportunity of Wikimania 2016 to present the OSHW growing movement and to gather a board of experts to help us in this mission.

Wikifab is a non profit organization. All the code is open.




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