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Critical issues presentations/Wiki-wisdom for cultural institutions. Tried and tested formats for GLAMs

From Wikimania 2016 • Esino Lario, Italy

GLAM on Tour - Wikipedianer und Kulturinstitutionen auf lokaler Ebene vernetzen

Wikipedianische KulTour - Die kleine Schwester von GLAM on Tour 

Wikiversum Weltcafé - Wikimedia-Projekte und Freiwillige kennenlernen

CC Change your mind - Ein spielerischer Workshop zu freien Lizenzen

Coding da Vinci - Der Kultur-Hackathon

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Wiki-wisdom for cultural institutions. Tried and tested formats for GLAMs

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Outreach, Projects

  • GLAM
  • cultural heritage institutions
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  • institutional outreach

GLAM outreach programs aim to reach people and raise awareness for free culture and Wikimedia activities. But different institutions have different needs, different levels of knowledge and awareness. Using a toolkit of formats and methods, we provide customized information and training on openness and licensing to cultural heritage institutions. This way, they are able to learn about volunteers modes of practice and get a better understanding of free knowledge, participative approaches and working together with volunteers of Wikimedia projects.

We´d like to present the broad scope of these encounter activities and formats:

  • The GLAM on Tour programme, established in 2013, links up local Wikipedians with volunteers and employees of cultural institutions.
  • The Wikipedian KulTours, established in 2015, are one day events that help institutions and volunteers get a sense of each other's work.
  • During Wikiversum worldcafé, established in 2014, GLAM volunteers present different Wikimedia projects to staff members of cultural institutions.
  • The workshop ©© Change your mind, established in 2015 together with German Digital Library, playfully helps institutions to licence their cultural data correctly.

Earlier presentations on GLAM outreach formats showed approaches and expected impacts of these approaches. Now facing the experience of several GLAM outreach formats, we´d like to adress the perceptions of volunteers and interested GLAM representatives and activists. We like to point out things that worked out well and things that can be improved. Sharing experiences, setbacks and senses of achievement will help us to shape the GLAM approach in the chapter family.



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