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Submission no. 110
Title of the submission

School of Rock(ing) EU Copyright

Author of the submission
  • Dimitar Dimitrov
  • Alek Tarkowski
  • Paul Keller
Country of origin

Belgium; Poland; Netherlands



  • Copyright Reform
  • Public Domain
  • European Union

The EU copyright reform is around the corner. The European Commission will publish its proposal in a few weeks. Communia and other citizen organisations are ready to continue campaigning in favour public domain, free licenses and shared knowledge. What we need the most is a network of volunteers who wish to work with us in a coordinated manner to make more free knowledge a reality.

This workshop will introduce you to the basic strategy of advocating for an effective copyright reform in the EU, provide you with the tools needed and make you give you the feeling that you are contributing to a movement effort.

Participants: Ideally 15-20 participants

Duration: Ideally a 3 hour workshop.


1. Brief introduction to the EU political system and the state of play

2. Examples of campaigns Wikimedia, Communia, EDRi and other groups have run so far

3. Tools: Coalition-building, direct lobbying, online activism, local activism, consultancy, specialised media

4. Our EU Copyright reform campaign plan and tactics

5. Rock'n'roll! We'll start lobbying together right now. (Start implementing the tools as part of the actual campaign.)

Organisations: Communia, EDRi, Wikimedia, Kennisland, Centrum Cyfrowe

Tutors: 3-6, depending on financing and availability. We'll try to be as many as possible so participants receive plenty of individual attention. Currently shortlisted are Paul Keller, Alek Tarkowski, Lisette Kalshoven, Natalia Mileszyk, Diego Naranjo, Dimitar Dimitrov

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