Critical issues presentations/Project management in chapters – fast way to professionalization

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Submission no. 205
Title of the submission

Project management in chapters – fast way to professionalization

Author of the submission
  • Jan Groh
Country of origin

Czech Republic


other, Projects

  • project managment
  • education program
  • professionalization

The presentation speaks about four months Project manager contract, which guided education program of Wikimedia Czech Republic to professionalization.

The story started with running education project, which left without a coordinator. The goal was to run it constantly without any demotion and prepare it for professionalization. Final round before professionalization has to be done by experienced Wikimedian, who will a launch structure of leading employee and evaluating standards. Only strong project run by wikimedians is ideal to be moved into hands of professional manager. Presentation will be about last steps before the professionalization. Special focus will be given to running tenders in non-profit based organisations.

Which projects are ready for professionalization? What the project needs? Why there have to be guidebooks for everything? How to run a tender? How to find the best CV from 250 applicants? How to evaluate work of external professional? How to manage an employee in difficult chapter structure? – These questions will be answered in the presentation!


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