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  • Jola Hysko
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I would like to draw your attention in a project that I thing would decrease the distance of academics from Wikipedia. There are three indicators which take me to this idea:

One of the most usual critics from academics to Wikipedia is the fact of not being a reputable source of information, that the information can change so the information is somehow unreliable and Wikipedia is general information and simply not the type of sources required in academics. On the other hand, even though not said loudly when we where students we can say that a big part of contribution to our graduation goes to Wikipedia, or during the class there are professors who cite Wikipedia. When me and other colleagues from Wikipedia community in Albania do the info session or workshop near schools or universities, it is more easier to find youngers enthusiast for join Wikipedia then professors. And it takes some time and patience to give proves that there are things to improve on Wikipedia but it has also valuable article or content.

A personal experience take me 22 years before, when my grandma died from breast cancer disease and I had no chance to know her, even though my mother tell me, that she was carrying me in her arms some minutes before she passed away. I have made a silent promise with myself, that I would do something in this field, and as a good start I think to translate the article in Albanian Wikipedia about breast cancer from a good article in English. Despite my knowledge of English language or some medical background from my family, it seems quite impossible to me to translate it well. There are still some terms that only a doctor, or better saying a oncological doctor may explain. And between spending money on advertisement during the October (so called the month of breast cancer), or making marathons of life to support women with this problem (which I am ok with them) it would be better if we can give a qualitative information regard this disease or many many others. Let’s remember that there are people who for cause of mentality or culture, feel ashamed to go to the doctor to visit for such a problem. It would be more convenient if they, at least, be aware of what the problem may be.

Even though we live in a technological world, there are still people out there who barely know about using internet, or how to reach the right information. But also there are people in developing country, to whom Wikipedia in the only “cheap” source available on Internet. There are still articles on their language not good, or with lack of information in geography, philosophy, literature, music ect. But also there are the academics who can provide to those who volunteer in Wikipedia good source of information. I recall from some months ago, when I was on a trip in south Albania, in an archaeological area called Butrint, and the cicerone was a young student from University who spread all his knowledge and passion for hours and hours in high temperature. Since he looks so interested in the field, I told him about Wikipedia in Albania as a contributor even only with reference from the books he read or from the expedites he had been part of the crew.

And because Wikipedia is a contribute of all of us, and for all the reasons above I propose ProWiki as a project that brings together professionals with Wikipedians to produce better information = knowledge.


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