Critical issues presentations/P2Pvalue: a Commons Transition towards an Open Knowledge Economy

From Wikimania 2016 • Esino Lario, Italy
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Submission no. 166
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P2Pvalue: a Commons Transition towards an Open Knowledge Economy

Author of the submission
  • Stacco Troncoso
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Governance, Policy, Projects, Research

  • Commons
  • P2P
  • Collaboration

Commons based peer production is an emerging and innovative production model in which the creative energy of large numbers of citizens is coordinated, usually through a digital platform, outside of the parameters of the traditionally hierarchical and mercantile organisation resulting in the public provision of commons resources. The well-known examples we often cite are Linux, Wikipedia, Open Street Map and SETI, but we are happy to present for your consideration our own collaborative effort at merging several streams of knowledge into a new, open set of tools and recommendations for changemaker communities.

The P2P Foundation, part of the consortium of the P2Pvalue project, uses the phrase “Commons Transition” to describe a series of ideas and policy proposals reflecting the needs and creative input of civil society. A Commons Transition implies developing policies that create common value and facilitate open, participatory input across society, prioritizing the needs of those people and environments affected by policy decisions over market or bureaucratic considerations. Based on the research carried out by the P2Pvalue project on Commons Based Peer Production, we are producing socio-political policy proposals to harness the collaborative dynamics of free software and open information to create new possibilities in politics, economics and social relations.

Our work ongoing work involves engaging communities in co-creating policies based on these principles and our findings, for the local/municipal and trans-national levels. In addition, the P2Pvalue project brings together a diverse set of tools including its directory of commons-based peer production. P2Pvalue has also developed an app, TEEM, which enables communities to engage and share information, focusing on building participation and sustainability in Commons Based Peer Production but also applicable to other open online communities. Together, these tools and policy proposals bridge the worlds of tech and research with on-the-ground and online communities, putting policy into action and empowering greater utilization of the information we all seek to curate, preserve and share.

Our presentation, in short, will focus on the findings and tools made available as a result of our collaborative, groundbreaking project in the P2P/Commons and open software sectors.


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