Critical issues presentations/Methodologies and best practices from the Guerrilla GLAM leaders

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Methodologies and best practices from the Guerrilla GLAM leaders

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  • Subhashish Panigrahi
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  • GLAM
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GLAM, an organized program to free up cultural data from institutions like galleries, libraries, archives and museums often demand high level of time commitment and institutional partnership. Not every Wikimedia community or local chapter/user group/other thematic organization is capable of fulfill the organizational and logistical demands of a typical GLAM program. This is where the Guerrilla GLAM comes into play. The very idea of Guerrilla GLAM shaped during author's first hand exxperience in designing and implementing India’s first GLAM project at the National Handicrafts and Handlooms Museum, New Delhi in 2012, and learning from several activities all over the world that could fall under the broader umbrella of Guerrilla GLAM. Guerrilla GLAM deals with the various kinds of frugal practices of acquiring cultural data; with/without any formal collaboration, by a dedicated team of Wikimedians with very little support from the staff members of the GLAM institution. It cuts down the challenge of training staffers—who, in many cases do not continue to contribute to Wikimedia projects after the closure of the GLAM program—building a formal institutional partnership. Guerrilla GLAM leverages everything that falls in the regime of things allowed in the local law and the institutional guidelines. The very name "guerrilla" also emphasizes on the optimum use of the time and expertise of Wikimedians, covering the institutional collection in complete length and breadth, and internal community capacity building. Guerrilla GLAM, as a methodology and practice, first made its public appearance with a Wikimania talk during Wikimania 2015 Mexico City[1] where it gathered learning from many global GLAM leaders. It further deepened its roots during a webinar at the University of Otago, New Zealand.[2] The day-to-day interaction with many who have made GLAM their religion has led to identifying the needs for taking Guerrilla GLAM to masses. One of these needs is to create an OER in the form of a practical handbook of Guerrilla GLAM (offline and on Wikibooks). The work is in progress and it is going to be inaugurated during Wikimania 2016. The talk will emphasize the overall methodologies for real life scenario, best practices from earlier learning and high level plans for growing the GLAM movement in all aspects rather than limiting it into only the successful institutional partnerships.





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