Critical issues presentations/Legal War Stories: a review of key legal issues facing the Wikimedia movement

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Submission no. 64
Title of the submission

Legal War Stories: a review of key legal issues facing the Wikimedia movement

Author of the submission
  • Jacob Rogers
  • Michelle Paulson
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United States of America; United States of America


other, Policy, Projects

  • legal
  • privacy
  • litigation
  • transparency
  • right to be forgotten
  • NSA
  • public domain

This talk is targeted for the general public, especially those interested in engaging in policy discussion on legal issues facing the Wikimedia Foundation. It will not require any background knowledge in advance.

This talk will review recent cases against the Wikimedia Foundation and users worldwide and explore the critical legal issues currently facing the Wikimedia movement as well as an opportunity for attendees to discuss these issues with representatives from the WMF legal department.

Depending on time, issues may include updates to the Right to be Forgotten and how it impacts international litigation, rights in photographs of public domain artwork that vary by country, updates on the litigation in the United States against the NSA spying, claims asserted by European data protection agencies against WMF, efforts to stop harassment of Wikimedia users worldwide, and other topics.

The talk will focus on the most major cases either ongoing or recently finished as well as collected data about the type and origin of all requests WMF receives either against itself or against users in order to provide public insight into the legal threats against the projects. Those attending the presentation will come away with facts and legal understanding that will aid them in engaging in European and international policy-making about the risks and issues most critical to the Wikimedia movement



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