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Critical issues presentations/In Morocco We Don't Know We Have Wikipedia Zero

From Wikimania 2016 • Esino Lario, Italy
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In Morocco We Don't Know We Have Wikipedia Zero

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  • Zakaria Oudrhiri
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  • Wikipedia Zero
  • Arabic
  • Morocco
  • Communication
  • Mobile
  • Free
  • Wikimedia projects

In November 2014, Wikipedia Zero has been launched in Morocco for inwi and Maroc Telecom phone operators. This means that viewing and editing Wikipedia, and also other projects such as Wikinews and Wikibooks, is available for a large portion of the population 'for free'. The mobile penetration rate is relatively high, yet edits to Wikipedia are low.

As far as I notice, people with smartphones do not know they can access Wikipedia without even having a credit or WiFi access. The issue I assume is one of communication.

The presentation will try explain why Wikipedia Zero is not known in Morocco as Facebook Zero is, and how to inform more learning communities and people who want a piece of knowledge for 'free' about Wikipedia Zero.



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