Critical issues presentations/How to track expenses and prepare reports

From Wikimania 2016 • Esino Lario, Italy
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Submission no. 204
Title of the submission

How to track expenses and prepare reports

Author of the submission
  • Illia Antanana
Country of origin

Ukraine; Ukraine


Governance, Technical

  • Finance
  • Reports
  • Tool

I have been responsible (or helped) for preparing financial reports and submitting grant proposals for my chapter for three years. I strongly believe that we (WMF or the Movement itself) are supposed to suggest using some of the tools for making this part of work easier. There is a tool to track expenses and to prepare reports developed by Ilya (I have presented a light version of the tool during Wikimania 2015, there are also other tools that we can use. I want to analyze the tools available and to present my findings at Wikimania.

It is important to track the expenses, to store the scans of the documents, to prepare the reports required, to create some custom reports (like how much was spent on souvenirs last year, so we can plan the budget for the next year better) etc. There are other things that are also to be taken into account: the data is to be open, but personal information should be protected.


Not accepted