Critical issues presentations/Edit-a-thon or the network's quality ?

From Wikimania 2016 • Esino Lario, Italy
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Submission no. 210
Title of the submission

Edit-a-thon or the network's quality ?

Author of the submission
  • Severine Giordan
  • Sylvain Boissiel
Country of origin

France; France


other, Research

  • Edit-a-thon
  • Glam
  • Networks studies
  • Ethnography
  • Data vizualisations
  • Digital Humanity
  • Satisfaction
  • Fidelity

Research Questions

1 What are the relations between the different publics ? Who focalise the connections ?

2 We look for to understand the quality of the relation between publics during edit-a-thons.

What are the productions of publics' Edit-a-thons ? What interactions take place between publics ?

How Edit-a-thon encourage the publics ton engage in dialogue ?

3 An edit-a-thon, what kind of events for the cultural and educational organisations ?

How to grab the new modality of times and space for Edit-a-thons ?

Methodology – Research design

1 Network studies can give a singular points of view that didn't experiment for this cultual design.

What are the relations between the different public ? This first study relies on all europen Edit-a-thons.

2 This study is based on interviews and questionnaires to document the networks study to drawn a personal experience, to emphasize publics' satisfaction and fidelity.

This study has numorous opportunities to understand the ludic approach of theses events, the promotion of communication between publics. The approach swop allows to summarize the different raised points.


Not accepted