Critical issues presentations/Crossing borders - international collaboration on GLAM projects

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Submission no. 158
Title of the submission

Crossing borders - international collaboration on GLAM projects

Author of the submission
  • Andy Mabbett
Country of origin

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


Outreach, Projects

  • Language
  • Interwiki
  • Collaboration
  • GLAM
  • Wikimedian in Residence
  • Wikipedian in Residence

Andy Mabbett has held more Wikimedian in Residence positions than any other Wikimedian. In many of these, and on other GLAM outreach projects, he has collaborated internationally, with Wikimedians whose primary language is not English. Although he is a typical English-speaking monoglot, this has involved written contributions to projects in Catalan, Chinese, Danish, Gaelic, German, Hebrew, Marathi, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Welsh, and many other languages.

How is this possible? What motivated the Wikimedians involved to collaborate across languages? How can we prevent major languages from dominating, while still making use of their Wikipedias' resources to support minor languages?

Andy will share his ideas - in English, of course - and facilitate a discussion to enable further collaborations in future.


Not accepted