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Critical issues presentations/Circular Content Open Content Manual & Tool

From Wikimania 2016 • Esino Lario, Italy
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Circular Content Open Content Manual & Tool

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  • Sebastiaan Ter Burg
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During Wikimania I want to give a presentation on the Open Content Manual (and online tool) that is currently being developed by Circular Content.


What if organisations made content open by default? And not only the final products, but also all the source material?

Circular Content is working on an Open Content Manual to motivate organisations and content creators to redesign their content creation processes to an "open by default" process. This will lead to more content that is purposefully made open. A manual is needed because creating open licensed content (in a professional environment) is harder than most people think and needs to be planned in advance. One of the subgoals of the manual is to have more source material made available, for example the original video files that are used to create a final video, instead of only final products. The manual will be released under an CC BY license.

A more in depth introduction can be seen in this video: http://circularcontent.com/creative-commons-global-summit-2015/

Circular Content is also developing an open source online tool that supports and facilitates the creation of open licensed content from the start. Development of this tool starts in Februari 2016.


The manual and the tool can be used by Wikimedia chapters, Wikipedians and anyone else involved in open licensed content for their own projects and partners in their projects. This is useful for, but not limited to, GLAM projects.


Sebastiaan ter Burg is a professional photographer that uses CC licenses in his business model. He releases a lot of his work under a CC BY license. He was the GLAM project manager for Wikimedia Nederland in 2013 and 2014 and initiator of the GLAM WIKI conference in 2015. He gives presentations and hosts workshops on open content and open licenses on a regular basis. He is a Midas (Wikimedia UK) accredited lead trainer.


The open content manual has previously been presented at the Creative Commons Global Summit in 2015 in Seoul and several other events. The manual has also been the topic/inspiration for workshops for Europeana (projects).



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