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Submission no. 175
Title of the submission

A network for minority languages on Wikipedia

Author of the submission
  • Xabier Cañas
  • Aitzol Astigarraga
Country of origin

Spain; Spain


Governance, Outreach, Projects

  • European Culture
  • Public institutions
  • Minority languages
  • Cultural programms

Donostia - San Sebastian 2016 European Capital of Culture coincides with the fifteenth anniversary of Wikipedia. To mark the occasion, we will be turning Donostia into a wiki-city. How will we do this? By working together with citizen agents, creating and publishing articles about the history and culture of the city. We will place QR codes on landmarks around the city so that users have links to the articles in their own language, thereby creating a link between the physical and virtual world.

The project specially sets out to boost the amount of Wikipedia content in Basque, an european minority language.

This is undoubtedly a long-term project that will begin during Capital of Culture year and continue long after. Anyway, what we want to do of this 2016 is just a launching platform of a new network and a new partnership between public institutions and Wikimedians. More exactly, we are thinking about creating a Wikipedia network between minority european languages in order to increase the presence of these languages in Wikipedia. The partnership with european and local institution seems to be basic for that. Besides, we could take advantage of European Unions programmes such as "Creatve Europe" to create a minority languages network.

We would like in this Wikimania to explains our idea and find new partnes to work with in the future.


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