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Wikimedia Affiliates are:

  • Usergroups (UGs)
  • Chapters
  • Thematic Organisations (ThOrgs)

The AffCom is:

  • a committee of volunteers
  • ten persons
  • from all over the world - broad diversity of cultures, languages and gender
  • individual users, editors, chapter functionaries...
  • selected by AffCom members after public candidature and nomination, debate and Q&A
  • two year terms, every year five members will be selected

We do:

  • review applications of Usergroups, Wikimedia Chapters and Thematic Organisations
  • advise groups in any state of their organisation / affiliation about their options of development
  • connect affiliates and users with each other to foster development

At Wikimania

AffCom Booth

  • meet us at any time at our booth
  • sit down and discuss with us

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