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Wednesday. 09:00-17:00 -

The time we indicate is always 10.30 - 17.30 for a series of reasons
  1. transport is organized for this time
  2. it makes it possible for people to come even from Milan to the session
  3. we designed the conference according to the feedback we collected from previous editions; a central comment is that the conference is too packed.

LOCATION??? 50 participants (including staff)

Collaborative space. It has the right atmosphere, it has a nice shape to work together and to split. It fits 50 people.

Facilitation supplies, we will need:

Room → bigger than we need, but hopefully we can use Idea Lab poster/mixer in the same space… much easier to set up…

no. the space can not accommodate the Idea Lab poster/mixer; but if weather permits we can use the Pietro Pensa Square just in from of it (at it has also a 5x5 tensile structure located there).

2 microphones. Is it possible to have one lapel and one hand mic. Speaker for LCD/L

they are not available.

Set Tables in Rounds if possible 6 - 8 per table. (able to break into small groups)

you will be able to split into 6 +1 environments (5 rooms are one next to the other, +1 downstairs). we will have plastic table and plastic chairs you can move and adjust as you like. There should be 4 per 5 (20 tables); plus more downstairs.

a projection screen. laptop projector

we can provide you a computer and a projector for upstairs

a long open wall space (with or without a chalk or marker board)

you can use the available walls upstairs

Post-it brand, or sticky-backed, charting paper (at least 20 chart paper Multicolor pack of astro bright paper (five colors) sheets)

ok for post-it and charting paper (we can have quite a lot of Flip chart stand you can use); we only ordered white chart paper.

cut in half, length-wise.

I do not understand.

Have Refreshments close by?

There will be a coffee table set in the building. With a lavazza coffee machine, water, drinks and snacks.

Lunch only 30 minutes - please let me know location of where they can go quickly for this?

It is not possible. We can put you at La Montanina which is closed by but we need the list of people.
Sincerely i think receiving these requests at the beginning of June is not how it should work and i do believe at least the page about the Learning Day should present a programme. It doesn't yet. At the moment the page is a draft and we asked you as Wikimedia Foundation your activities already last December. Furthermore the programme closed in May (also to facilitate us – the volunteers – organizing this event). --iopensa (talk) 16:17, 8 June 2016 (UTC)[]

Day after

Thursday 6/23: WMF Learning Day continued 10:00-13:00

We did not planned a room for it. and it is not indicated in the programme. It could be arranged at 10.30-12.00 in the Museum. --iopensa (talk) 13:33, 9 June 2016 (UTC)[]