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Email to Hackathon Mentors. This email went on out June 17 to participants who indication on their registration that they would be willing to mentor.


Hi Wikimania Hackathon 2016 Mentors!

If you are receiving this email you have indicated in your registration that you are willing to help mentor newcomers at the upcoming Hackathon. Thank you!

Ways you can help:

* During the opening session, get up and pitch your project. Just a few seconds explaining the goal, what you'd like help with, and what skills might be useful, will go a long way towards helping newcomers find projects.

* Make sure the tasks you plan to work on, are in the main listing, and that the task's descriptions are clear and up-to-date, well before Wednesday.

* Split out, and add the #easy tag, to any related tasks that are suitable for newcomers, and keep some in mind for when you're asked.

* Skim through the other tasks that people are planning to work on, and comment ahead of time with any suggestions.

* Add yourself to the Hackathon page, in the "Participants" and the "Do you want to Volunteer?" sections.

* Attend and promote the sessions that interest you.

* Please be welcoming and patient with the newcomers, even the non-technical people! There will be a lot of newcomers at this event, so be prepared.

* Keep an eye on the usual IRC channels, plus #wmhack, for help-requests and person-finding-requests!

The recent hackathon in Jerusalem helped push forward many projects (see Showcase), including many from the Community Wishlist, and we hope to repeat that success at this event!

Please refer back to the previous email and confirm that you have followed all the steps in the “action Items for all hackathon participants” and the “Action Items for Hackathon mentors and long term wikimedians” sections.

Again, we are very excited to welcome you in Esino Lario and hope that you have found this information useful. See you soon!