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Submission no. 25
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  • Nikola Kalchev
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  • editing
  • collaboration
  • learning
  • technique


A Wikidojo is a collaborative practice, inspired by coding dojos - exercises for computer programmers, which consists of a group of Wikipedians with different levels of experience in editing wikis. The group consists of a 'pilot' - the only person in the room who might use the keyboard, a 'co-pilot' - the only other person who is allowed to speak, and observers. Every seven minutes the pilot becomes an observer, the co-pilot becomes a pilot and one observer becomes co-pilot. Ideally the group would consist of 10 people, so that the whole Wikidojo takes 70 minutes, with 20 minutes of a 90-minutes session remaining for discussion. The article to be edited is being chosen by the organiser and presented to the participants at the beginning of the session. The editing is being projected on a screen.

By writing an article collaboratively, editors learn about other editor's style of editing - e.g.

- when sources are added (before writing a sentence, after it, or never);

- how others search for sources;

- what kind of sources are acceptable for others;

- how others cite their sources;

- what templates are being preferred;

- how others decide on which categories to add;

- etc.

Especially when participants from different wikis work together, they can compare the rules and best practices, known from their wikis, to those of foreign wikis.


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