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From Wikimania 2016 • Esino Lario, Italy
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Submission no. 155
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The longest photohunt

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  • Jan Ainali
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Many of the Wikimedia projects suffer from being text heavy, making the website look like not much has changed since it started. This is has to do with several things; how media is presented on the articles, inserting existing media in articles and getting new images. This presentation is mostly about the last part: getting new images. How can we get more of the images that are needed?

The problem itself breaks down to two distinct sub-problems; 1) knowing what is needed and 2) getting the images of that. Not all articles can be illustrated, and some of them could be of more priority due to a number of reasons (this is partly related to the essay “There is a deadline”). How do we make this prioritization? There is also the problem of communication across projects that need to be taken in consideration for any solution to work at scale. Both of these two last questions are areas where the discussion only will be started during Wikimania, but hopefully over the days, we can make some quick progress thanks to in-person meetings.

The presentation will also make an overview of what tools already exist in the Wikimedia environments and how they actually work, based on usage in a 1000 km photo hunt in the southern part of Sweden made in the spring 2016. Based upon the experiences from that project (and being a wikimedian for 10 years) the lack of features in the existing tool suite from my perspective will be presented. Some of these could be easily addressed by programmers whereas others need for people to cooperate in new ways. A ranked to-do list will be part of the presentation so that it will easy to start the next steps, or at least have a starting point for the discussion on what should be done.

The presentation will also suggest a few novel workflows on how the entire Wikimedia community could work together to fill out the gaps for getting the content media rich. These will be inspired by tools that other organisations use, like Ushahidi and “The List” from Creative Commons.


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